lavivi ulker




Packaging Details24 pieces in a pack
6 packs in a carton box
144 pieces in a box







Ulker Laviva, who succeeded to be one of the favorites in a short time with the slogan of “Live full of life”, is with 35 g of delicious milk and bitter chocolate, biscuits distributed in the mouth.
The gourmet chocolate laviva, made from special cocoa beans brought from the Ivory Coast, meets your daily sweet needs alone with a delicious biscuit accompanied by a rich and soft cacao. Another characteristic of delicious chocolate is that it brings together both milk and bitter chocolate lovers for the first time with milk and bitter chocolate in it. When you open the package, the chocolate that gives happiness with the smell of high-quality cocoa beans spreads the chocolate quality with the new mixture, and gets a full note from chocolate lovers.
The laviva will be the most delicious solution of your sweet craving with its elegant packaging designed for elegance and the taste appealing to gourmets. If you like to create moments of happiness that are special to you during the day, do not forget to take Laviva with you. Add a delightful detail to your daily coffee ritual, a wonderful meeting of milk and bitter chocolate, you can add it to your basket right away and buy it easily.